Roche CSP Program helps meet customers’ needs for both basic and clinical research applications. Rigorous training ensures consistent and robust results

The Centro Nacional de Análisis Genómico, has officially joined Roche's Certified Service Provider (CSP) for SeqCap EZ Target Enrichment Systems. CNAG has completed Roche’s rigorous training program to receive this certification ensuring that consistent and robust results can be achieved using Roche’s sample preparation products. This certification marks the first genomics service provider in Europe to join the Roche CSP Program.


“We process thousands of captures a year for our collaborators using well-described processes and analytical competences. Roche’s SeqCap EZ Target Enrichment technology has been a powerful tool in this process, helping us to fully exploit the most important content of the genome,” said Marta Gut, Head of CNAG Sequencing Unit.


“This alliance will help researchers to experiment with a variety of applications and designs without a large investment, and have greater confidence in the results provided,” said Neil Gunn, Head of Roche Sequencing Solutions.